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College Financial Planning

Planning For College and Paying For College Is Overwhelming

Feel like planning for college expenses is an overwhelming project?

Planning for college and how to pay for it is a daunting task – and many families simply give up in the process! Don’t let colleges have the final say by TELLING you what you will pay for college. We are your college planning Project Managers. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

What Is College Planning?

- Designing Your Career Path
Aligning your career and college choice(s) to get the most fulfilling/ lucrative career possible is not a straight-forward proposition. We will show you how to position your child (or yourself) for the best career possible – without wasting lots of time and money in the process.

- Advanced Strategies for College Funding
College is expensive. And college costs will only continue to rise. We teach you about options and opportunities that the average family will never hear about – or think they don’t “qualify” for. This session alone will save you THOUSANDS of dollars.

The strategies we discuss have been time-tested over 30 years, and hundreds of families have benefited from them. You should too.

- SAT & ACT Prep
Did you know that high SAT/ ACT scores can give you access to more money for college? Find out more when you take advantage of our Student Planning Package.


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